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                      Glass packaging is becoming more and more popular in the market

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                      In recent years, glass packaging has been more and more popular in the market, and the growth trend is better. This field has also received more and more attention.

                      Glass packaging has obvious quality-keeping effect

                      Many times, we see glass bottles simply as a packaging container. However, glass bottles are packaged in a wide range of fields, such as beverages, food, cosmetics and medicine. In fact, glass bottles play a role in other functions as well as packaging.

                      Let's start with the role of glass bottles in wine packaging. We all know that wine is almost always packaged in glass bottles, and the color is dark. In fact, dark wine glass bottles can protect the quality of wine, avoid the deterioration of wine due to light, and protect the better storage of wine. In fact, essential oil glass bottles are easy to play, and the requirements for light are very strict. Therefore, essential oil glass bottles should be protected from volatilization.

                      So, glass bottles in food, medicine and other fields should also do more. For example, food needs to be guaranteed. How to further enhance the shelf life of food through glass bottle packaging is very necessary.

                      Strong Market Demand for Glass Packaging

                      At the Second Council of the 7th session of China Daily Glass Association, a set of data was sorted out: the output of daily glass products and glass packaging containers reached 27.9986 million tons in 2014, an increase of 40.47% over 2010 and an average annual growth of 8.86%.

                      According to Meng Lingyan, president of China Daily Glass Association, in recent years, the growth trend of glass beverage bottles has been good. Especially the Arctic Ocean soda in Beijing, the output has increased three times and the demand for high-quality glass packaging containers has also been increasing. The Shanhaiguan soda in Tianjin and Bingfeng soda in Xi'an are also like this. Yes. This also means that with the popularization of basic characteristics and culture of daily glass, consumers have a higher and higher awareness of glass as the safest packaging material for food, especially glass beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, grain and oil bottles, storage tanks, fresh milk, yogurt bottles, glass tableware, tea sets and water sets.

                      Zhao Yali, chairman of the China Beverage Association, also admitted that almost all beverages were bottled in glass 20 years ago, but now many old brands of beverages have been upgraded and the market has recovered, but they still insist on using glass packaging. Some high-grade mineral water also choose to use glass bottles, and even some beverages use plastic packaging design. Similar to glass bottles, this phenomenon shows that people's consumption psychology is more inclined to glass packaging and think that it is more high-end.

                      Meng Lingyan said that daily glass products are rich in varieties and widely used, with good and reliable chemical stability and barrier. They can be directly loaded and contaminated. They are recyclable, recyclable and reusable non-polluting products. They are recognized as safe, green and environmentally friendly packaging materials by all countries, as well as people. Favorite items in daily life. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, with the improvement of people's living standards and quality of life, the demand for glass packaging bottles and cans, as well as the demand for various kinds of glassware, glass crafts and glass works of art, will increase steadily with the development of wine-making, food, beverage, medicine and other industries.

                      Therefore, during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the development goal of daily glass industry is to increase the output of daily glass products and glass packaging containers by an average of 3%-5% annually in daily glass production enterprises above the scale, and to achieve the output of daily glass products and glass packaging containers reaching 320-35 million tons by 2020.

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